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Great leaders inspire greatness in others

As build season comes to a close, we would like to take a minute and thank our mentors. Without our mentors, we could not be a part of FIRST. They dedicate countless hours to teaching us how to improve our inventions, inspiring us to be the best versions of ourselves and guiding us through the rougher patches of build season. The relationships we build with our mentors throughout the build season transcend those of a regular high school teacher. Our mentors see us at our worst: stressed out, panicked, grumpy, sleep-deprived, overwhelmed and emotional. But, they also see us at our best. They see the way our faces light up when our mechanisms work. They see the relief at the end of the build season, when after all the stress, we realize that the robot is built and ready. In just a couple of weeks, we see our mentors become our friends. So, we would like to take this moment to thank our mentors: Robert Wentzel, Andrew Cifuni, James Byrne, Michael Lundstrom, James Tripi, and Gary Dibiccari. You have all done so much for us. More than we can even say and we are SO UNBELIEVABLY grateful. Thank you.

~Jaylen F. and Kaya M.

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