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“Stay on target.” – Gold Five

Sachem Aftershock has been very busy during Week Two of Build Season. Aside from finishing another field element, we have now progressed from prototypes to the final version of our ball shooter mechanism. The mechanical team has been very efficient and has met all of the deadlines that the mentors have placed on them. We are quickly seeing newer members rise to the challenge and step up as a leader to their peers.

The laser cutter that was graciously donated by Team 263's Booster Club has proven to be very useful. Our design team has been using it to cut the wooden parts for prototypes, which has sped the experimental phase along seeing that it can cut much quicker than our CNC and is a big reason the mechanical team has been able to "Stay on Target."

While all of these big accomplishments have been going on with mechanism development, the electrical team has been designing the electrical board on AutoCAD. This file will be used to cut the prototype out of plywood and then the final board out of Lexan.

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