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"Always remember, your focus determines your reality." -Qui-Gon Jinn

Week two has shown exponential growth in terms of productivity. This can be attributed to a deadline the mentors have set on prototype construction. The mentors want all prototypes to be done within the next week. The idea of prototype deadlines is unprecedented in Sachem Aftershock. So far, it has proved successful. All of our main sub-assemblies are nearly finished. Some of them have even been tested and are going through their tweaking phase. Field construction has also been progressing smoothly. Last Saturday, our rugs were taped to mark element locations. We have added a new feature to our website: a subscribe box! If you would like to get notifications when a new blog post comes out, the signup form is on our home page. For more insight on current team activities, check out our Instagram page and Snapchat @sachemrobotics.

~Kaya M.

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