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Elevating Ourselves to the Top

With over two hours left in today's meeting, our elevator is nearly complete. Our sub-team assigned to this task has been working at a rapid pace these past few days. With the end of build season looming on the horizon, we have gotten into gear to finish by the two-week deadline. We've decided to add pneumatic pistons to the robot, so it would tilt back and stay within the bumper zone. Most of the robot space is currently being taken up, so it is difficult to figure out how to fit everything together. The mounting plate is currently being installed. They just need to attach the hinges and wait for parts to arrive, in order to mount the robot. Once the elevator is done being mounted, the programmers will get to work. First of all, they need to write functional code for the elevator. We need to make sure that this mechanism can work when the robot is in autonomous mode. All in all, progress on the elevator is moving at a nice, quick pace.

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